Rental Cottages and Villas all year round

Rönnäs Seaside Resort is renting 16 various log cottages and villas throughout the year, all of them located just within a stone's throw from the seashore. All cottages are fully equipped with their own kitchens, saunas and fireplaces and filled with modern comfort and conveniences.

Our cottages on the mainland and in the archipelago suits perfectly for private and business use. We are successfully organizing meetings, customer events and recreation days. Our destinations are also ideal for families and friends for holidays and gatherings. Most cottages are located near each other, which enables larger groups to rent several houses and still stay close to one another.    

Either you choose to stay with us for leisure or for work, there will be suitable activities to add to your stay. The archipelago of eastern Gulf of Finland is well known for its fish-rich waters and therefore fishing trips is the most popular activity to try while staying in Rönnäs. The beautiful nature invites you to move around and explore the surroundings on foot or bikes and in kayaks or rowing boats. For golf enthusiasts, the neighboring golf club provides one of the longest golf seasons in our country.


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