Booking Terms and Conditions

Rönnäs Seaside Resort adheres to the following terms and conditions concerning ordering, booking and cancellation of accommodation, program and catering services ordered. These terms and conditions become binding to both parties once the client has made a reservation.

The reservation is binding once made by the customer verbally or in writing. After confirming a reservation, the customer will receive a written booking confirmation and the bill. The advance payment is 20 % of the total price and the balance will be due immediately. The remainder invoice of the 80 % balance will be due for payment 21 days prior to the reservation. If the booking is made with less than 21 days before the start of the reservation, the booking shall be paid in full. Leaving the invoice unpaid is not regarded as being a valid cancellation. Rönnäs has the right to cancel the reservation if the payment is not made by the due date. Bookings paid for by PayPal will incur a fee of 10 EUR + 3,5 % of the total transaction value.

Cancellations must always be made in writing to Rönnäs sales office The cancellation will be regarded as being received at the time the information of the cancellation has reached the sales office. 
In case the customer cancels the reservation:

with at least 21 days prior to the reservation, the cancellation will cause the loss of the deposit  
with less than 21 days prior to the reservation, the total price will be charged

If a cancellation is due to the customer or close relative becoming unexpectedly ill, is involved in an accident or dies, the customer is entitled to get completed payments, except for a cancellation fee of 30 EUR, reimbursed. The sales office should be noticed about the reason for cancellation immediately. The sales office shall be noticed about the reason for cancellation promptly. A doctor’s certificate or other verifiable document must be provided upon request within reasonable time. 

In the case of force majeure due to reasons beyond the control of Rönnäs Seaside Resort, Rönnäs can cancel the reservation and the customer is entitled to get the full completed payment reimbursed.

After making a reservation, the customer will receive driving instructions, a holiday letter and cottage key information. 

The cottage is normally available from 5:00 pm on the day of arrival. On the departure day, check-out is by noon 12:00 pm (Mon-Fri) and by 2:00 pm (Sat-Sun) unless otherwise stated beforehand. The accommodation rate includes bed linen, towels and final cleaning. The cottage is equipped with one log bag, basic tableware, water and electricity, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning equipment and detergents. 

Although final cleaning is included in the price, the cottage is required to be in clean and tidy condition upon departure. Furniture and other equipment must be in their right places, dirty dishes in the dishwasher and all garbage and empty bottles/cans removed and taken to the waste container. If the condition you leave the property in results in additional cleaning time, over and above what is customary, you will be sent a bill both for the additional time involved and for any necessary specialist cleaning. Washing dishes, emptying the refrigerator and taking out garbage will be charged additionally.   

Smoking is prohibited inside all facilities. If, on your departure, it is apparent that you have been smoking, charges for additional cleaning, especially of soft furnishings, will be sent on to you.

Rönnäs Seaside Resort is not responsible for any goods left in the cottages. The price for returning goods will be charged from the customer.

Use of hot tubs at the seaside sauna is not allowed without reservation.   

Maximum cottage occupancy is similar to the amount of beds provided and should not be exceeded. Camping and use of camper vans and mobile homes for sleeping on the property is forbidden. The use of sleeping bags is forbidden. Customers are asked to fill out a passenger card either before or during the booking.

Pets are welcome in some of the cottages. The customer must give notice of pets when making the reservation. The pet fee is 30 EUR/pet. The customer is responsible for picking up all pet droppings left in the grounds. Any damages caused by pets on the property or its furnishing must be immediately informed to the sales office. The customer is responsible for compensating all damages to the owner. 

All notes and complaints related to the accommodation equipment and condition must be reported immediately to the sales office. If the customer has not been in contact regarding the complaints, he loses the right to any compensation. If the customer and Rönnäs Seaside Resort cannot reach agreement, the customer can bring the matter to the consumer complaint board.    

Rönnäs Seaside Resort is not liable to compensate for damages or expenses caused by natural circumstances, insects, ants, sudden weather changes, construction work on neighboring plots or third-party problems (e.g. interruptions in water supply, electricity or TV network). All cottages are equipped with wireless internet connection. Rönnäs Seaside Resort is not liable to compensate for interruptions on the basis failures of any internet connection.

The customer is responsible for damages that he himself, his guests or pets cause to the cottage, furniture, equipment and other guests or their property. The customer is obliged to compensate for intentionally or unintentionally caused damages directly to the owner or to Rönnäs Seaside Resort.    

A cleaning fee of 150 eur + the value of destroyed textiles and furniture will be charged for removal of vomit, excrement or other secretion. A cleaning fee of 500 eur + the value of damaged equipment will be charged for removal of vomit, excrement or cleaning of other abnormal littering in or around the two hot tubs at the seaside sauna. Prices include VAT 24 %.

Rönnäs Seaside Resort is entitled to charge the costs of loss of the key. If the customer does not return the key or has lost the key, the actual costs of replacing the lock and the key shall be charged to the customer. Rönnäs Seaside Resort is also entitled to charge a compensation if the staff needs to open the front door in case the key has been left inside the cottage. 

If the customer, despite notice, fails to stop causing disturbance or danger to others in the same property or in the neighboring property, Rönnäs Seaside Resort has the right to terminate the rental contract immediately. All costs due to the above measures will be charged from the customer. 

We reserve the right to make changes in booking terms and prices. VAT shall be charged in accordance with the current taxation regulations. Additional services are provided according to current price lists. Terms for company customers are agreed separately.

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