Rönnäs Seaside Resort

Rönnäs is located in the seaside scenery of Loviisa, an hour's drive east from Helsinki. The peaceful surroundings of Rönnäs and the beautiful nature provide a place for year-round family holidays, meetings and recreation. Accommodation is comfortable and easy as all log houses are equipped with modern amenities such as own kitchens, saunas and fireplaces. Your stay will be completed with guided fishing tours, catering and nature activities.




Rönnäs is an excellent choice for customers who value tranquility, privacy and being close to nature. Beautiful archipelago landscapes and cozy villas create a peaceful environment for work, recreation and celebrations. 

Meeting services


Our professional staff will prepare tasty delicacies for both festive and everyday events with years of experience. We take care of food arrangements for meetings and recreation days as well as for family gatherings and dinner parties. 

Catering services


All fishing trips in the archipelago are well suited for both beginners and experienced fishermen. Fishing boats are specially designed and inspected for commercial use.

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The closeness to the sea and surrounding nature offer an ideal setting for various nature and outdoor activities throughout the year. You can explore the outdoors by fishing, hiking, kayaking, biking and golfing. In winter time you can choose ice-fishing or snowshoe walking. 

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Meritie 146 - Pihlaja, Mustikka, Puolukka, Karpalo, Kanerva, Selja, Kataja, Paju

Meritie 136 - Seaside Sauna

Meritie 120 - Joutsen, Lokki, Tiira

Meriraitti 21 - Merihelmi, Kielo, Lumme

Satakielentie 9 - Metso

Ruukinrannantie 60 - Riihi

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