Rent a bike and explore the countryside and surrounding villages of Rönnäs. The distance to Isnäs village is 5 km, to Kabböle 7 km and to Sarvisalo 18 km. Our bikes are basic models without gears. The rent includes a helmet and a lock.



Snowshoeing is a fun and easy way to move around in winter time. Explore the winter wonderland in the nearby forest or admire the landscape on the ice-covered sea. The rent includes walking poles.


Nordic walking poles

Rent walking poles and turn your walk into a whole-body activity. Compared to a normal stroll, pole walking activates your upper body muscles, your arms, back, shoulders and neck. Walking poles are also a good help for your balance when moving in the forest. 


Electrical boat motor

Rent an electrical motor for a rowing boat and go fishing and exploring the archipelago. The rent includes a Minn Kota 65T motor + 2 batteries + 2 chargers. Running time with full speed 3 hours/battery or with slower trolling speed 5 hours/battery.



Come and enjoy the fresh sea air and stunning archipelago scenery. Kayaking is easy and suitable also for beginners. We have four single kayaks and one double kayak for rent. The kayaks are very stable and designed for sea conditions (Rainbow Oasis 4.30). Rental includes paddling vests, paddle and cover blanket.

Rönnäs rents kayaks primarily for kayaking trips starting and ending in Rönnäs. There is a free car parking next to the rental shop.


Fisheries Management Fee

The fisheries management fee is required if you are 18-64 years of age and will be fishing with lures or traps or crayfishing. Payment of the fee is not required if you are ice fishing or angling.

When buying the fishing licence you need to inform your name, contact details and date of birth. You can buy licenses in Rönnäs or in the webshop of Erä 

When buying your licence in Rönnäs, the minimum charge is 15 euros and the delivery fee 2 euros/permit. 


Fishing equipment and outdoor clothes for fishing



Rental shop on Facebook  


Bikes, kayaks and fishing equipment are handed over and returned at the rental shop (Meritie 146). Snowshoes, walking poles and fishing permits can be picked up at Rönnäs office (Merikaari 1).



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